Woodworking Specialists Falegnameria Bariza Now In The UK

Falegnameria Bariza have spent almost one hundred years making houses and wooden furniture for the elite in northern Italy’s Cortina d’Ampezzo region. A family business, they pride themselves on their commitment to professional carpentry skills using their hands and their usage of hand-picked materials for their projects. Their clients range from celebrities to large hospitality clients, and whether working on luxury houses or holidays chalets, their designs are completely bespoke. All wood used is carefully selected according to the type of project it will be utilised in.


The bespoke design service and craftsmanship of these woodworking specialists has not been available in the UK until now. London is first to receive the services of Falegnameria Bariza. You can now commission these artisans to design and make anything from a shelf to your kitchen cupboards to, well, a whole room.

The production and polishing is carried out by hand to preserve the natural properties of the wood and, although they favour finding new techniques by which to build things, the emphasis is on using an interlocking method without the need for additional metal supports.

Falegnameria Bariza UK

For more information about this family of craftsmen and to check out some of the projects they can work on with you, visit the Falegnameria Bariza website.


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